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Bodysculpt Bootcamp Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Kickboxing Specialist – Level 1
Resist-a-ball Level 1

Rhonda Armour

Owner/Personal Trainer/Bootcamp Instructor

Rhonda Armour is the owner of Bodysculpt Fitness and Yoga and a certified personal trainer. Her previous experience and training in the Human Resources field has allowed her leadership and support skills to be put to great use when training clients. Rhonda’s career change has allowed her to set an example for her kids and the people around her – do what makes you happy! Rhonda is always out on the front lines training, communicating and inspiring women to ensure her clients are always taken care of and get what they need from Bodysculpt. Her passion to inspire others to focus on themselves and lead an active and healthy lifestyle creates a positive and energetic vibe during class and keeps her drive alive to continuously provide new opportunities and services for the community.

Favorite exercise: anything related to boxing!
Favorite moment in class: when clients don’t think they can make it to the end of an exercise, but with some encouragement, find the strength within to do it!
Favourite healthy snacks: hard boiled eggs, tuna with hummus
Food weakness: potato chips
Inspiration: my kids – I want them to know the importance of taking care of yourself both inside and out

Bodysculpt Bootcamp Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer

Amanda Sproule

Bootcamp Instructor/Personal Trainer

Amanda started her journey just over two years ago, deciding that being tired, overweight and lazy was not how she not wanted to live her life anymore. Her passion for health and fitness has stemmed from losing 100 lbs; learning how to eat properly, exercise for weight loss and gain muscle along the way. With more knowledge now than ever before, she is extremely passionate about educating those around her who are looking to break bad habits and change their lifestyles for better.

Favorite exercise: Burpee’s…because overcoming what you once couldn’t do makes it that much better!
Favorite moment in class: Seeing a client pushing that much harder when you didn’t think they had anything left in them.
Favourite Healthy Snack: Banana and Peanut Butter protein shakes
Inspiration: Seeing results after consistent dedication and hard work!

Bodysculpt Bootcamp Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
Yoga Teacher RYT-200
Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
Resist-a-ball Level 2 & Yoga

Camille Cherry

Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer

Camille Cherry is a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher, as well as a certified nutrition and wellness specialist. She is a mother of 2 and brings her life experiences to her classes with warmth, strength and a great sense of humour.

Favorite exercise: partner lunges
Favorite moment in class: watching the progress of a new client
Favourite healthy snack: roasted chickpeas with golden raisins
Food weakness: liqourice
Inspiration: clients coming back for more!